When do I need an Extended License?

An Extended License is required when an image is going to be placed on or within merchandise that will be sold.  Items such as prints, poster, invitations, greeting cards, web templates, apparel and merchandise that will be sold would require the image be purchased under the Extended License.  An extended license is $99.00 or 50 credits if using credits.

An Extended License is also required if an image, used under the terms of our Standard Content Usage Agreement, will exceed 250,000 copies of the image, in the aggregate.

Please also keep in mind that you will need one license per product type meaning that if you wish to use an image for t-shirts, mugs and posters, you will need to purchase the image 3 times under an Extended License.

The price for an Extended License is 50 credits.  The cost of each license depends on which credit package is purchased.  As an example, if you purchase 500 credits for $495.00, the cost of the 50 credits equates to $49.50 (USD).   If you have a question about your specific usage please contact us for additional information.   

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