What is the difference between the Standard and Extended License?

If you are unsure which license applies to your usage please consider the following:

  • Print-run limitation: If you are planning to use an image for business cards and flyers and you will not print more than 250,000 items in total then you are covered under our Standard License. However, if the print run exceeds 250,000 you are required to download the image with an Extended License for each product that will exceed this quantity.
  • Products for sale: You will need the Extended License. If you are giving the items away for free (e.g. promotional items at a trade show) then the Standard License covers this usage, as long as the number of reproductions is below 250,000.
  • Ebooks? You are covered under our Standard License. However, if you will be offering a printed version of the book as well, and expect to exceed 250,000 copies, then you must pay for the Extended License.

Below is a breakdown of the more common uses for stock content.  If you don't see your specific use, please contact the Support Team.





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