How does the review process work?

You submit an image or group of images to be reviewed. After the upload process is complete, our system will generate previews and assign image numbers to each file. Based on actual time of upload, your group is then placed into the “image queue”.

Our Image Review Team processes groups of images in the order they have been submitted.

-They check for the technical quality of the image first by viewing every image at 100% magnification. If the technical quality of the image is poor, the image will be Declined.

  -They will then assess the commercial viability, check that the metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords, and categories) is appropriate for each image, review each model and property release that is attached, and insure that the appropriate designation of ‘Editorial’ has been assigned if the image if necessary.

If there is an issue with any of these areas, your image will be Returned to your ‘Edit & Submit’ area. You will be able to make the required adjustments and re-submit without having to upload the image file a second time.

If these areas are acceptable and the technical quality is good, your image will be Approved!

Once the group of images has been reviewed, they will move through our system and go live on the site usually within 72 hours. The time it takes will vary based on how many submissions we have received.

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