Why did my images get “Returned” to me?

There is a metadata issue with the image that needs to be fixed before we can put the image live on the site. You can find that image(s) in your 'Approval Status’ area with a brief explanation of what you need to fix. There will be an "edit image" link you can click on to access the image that was sent back to your 'Edit & Submit' area. Simply make the specific changes and re-submit - there is no need to upload the file again!

Possible Return-to-User reasons:

  • The image needs a model or property release linked to it.
  • There is an issue with the image Description or Keywords that needs to be adjusted. There may be too many words that are not applicable or do not accurately describe to the image. Descriptions that don’t make sense, that are just your keyword list separated with commas, or that include camera file names such as IMG_1212, IMG_1214, etc are not acceptable. Also, names of specific places and/or brand names may not be acceptable for commercial image metadata.
  • The wrong Categories have been assigned. If your image is not in an appropriate category, our customers may have trouble finding it!
  • The image may have to be submitted for Editorial Use Only.
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