How do I request my earnings?

On the main page under 'Commissions' in your account, you will see the 'Payment Preferences' area.

Once you have earned more than $30 in commissions, you will see options that allow you to request payout of your commissions via PayPal, MoneyBookers/Skrill, or by U.S. Check.

Select (or edit) the payment email address for electronic payments to be sent to an existing PayPal or MoneyBookers/Skrill account by clicking on the button next to your choice. Then, simply click the 'Request Commissions' button and your request will be sent to us.

If you choose to receive your commissions in the form of a check, your Tax Profile must be in our system and Approved. The Tax Profile is basic information including your name and address, so, if you do not have an approved tax profile on record, the check cannot be sent. Go to our Tax Center to set up your Tax Profile.

If you have additional questions regarding your Commissions, email us at

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