I want to change my payment method

Not a problem! Each transaction is separate - you choose the method that we pay you each time you request your commissions.

Simply go to the 'Payment Preferences' area under 'Commissions' in your account. Select the new method of payment by clicking on the button next to your choice. Then, click the 'Request Commissions' button and your request will be sent to us.

Please be sure that you have existing accounts set up for electronic payments that are verified, active, and able to receive U.S. funds before you request your Bigstock commissions. If you are requesting payment in the form of a check, be sure that your name and mailing address is on record and up-to-date in your Tax Profile.

If you have additional questions regarding your Commissions, email us at

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    Joan Sevigny

    I submitted several photo several years ago, but due to health problems, I didn't submit anything since then. I would like to continue uploading photos. My e-mail address came up and my password worked. I would like to review the submit information and check to see if my original photos were purchased of deleted. How do I do this?

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