When is a Property Release required?

All images taken ON private property, including residential homes and businesses, should have a property release signed by the property owner.


Locations that Require Property Releases
Property releases are required for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Amusement parks
  • Concert venues
  • Modern architecture
  • Museums
  • Photos taken from private property
  • Public places with commercial photography policies
  • Zoos: wide shots of animals in the designed habitat or enclosure
  • Recognizable “working” animals (i.e., race horses with numbers or markings or animals that earn money for their owner)
  • Stadiums
  • Unique and/or custom designed luxury yachts with visible registration numbers/letters, unique paint job, or other discernible “logo” markings
  • Unique/identifiable building interiors
  • Studio shots of exotic or uniquely identifiable animals


Homes, Building Exteriors, & Private Property
Images of private homes or buildings are OK for commercial stock as long as they are taken from public property and there is nothing identifiable in the image (such as address numbers, statues, or if the structure has a very distinct modern design). If there is any question as to whether or not it was taken from public property, we will return the image to you and ask for a property release.


You can download our standard Property Release here.

For additional information, be sure to read the Help Center article ‘More about Model and Property releases and how to upload them‘ that is also listed in this section.

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