More about Model and Property releases and how to upload them

When to Use a Release

Any image that depicts an identifiable person or private property must have a release attached in order to be licensed commercially.

If you forget to upload the release, your image(s) will be marked accordingly and returned to your ‘Edit & Submit’ area, where you can attach the release and re-submit.


General Model Release Requirements:

  • Photographer Name  (must be the printed/typed name of the contributor)
  • Model Name (printed/typed)
  • Model Address
  • Model Signature & Date
  • Parent/Guardian Signature & Date (if the model is a minor)
  • Witness Name (printed/typed)
  • Witness Signature
  • Photo ID of the model if the image is nude or posed in an adult/sexual situation
  • The release must be attached in the model release field.
  • A separate release is needed for each model in an image.


Property Releases

If the subject of your image contains any of the following, please provide a completed property release that has been signed by the owner before your content is submitted:

  • Modern architecture,
  • Building exteriors that show identifiable features or signage,
  • Building interiors,
  • Unique and/or custom designed luxury boats/vehicles/airplanes,
  • Recognizable animals including race horses, unique pets, certain zoo animals,
  • Building exteriors taken from private property,
  • Photographs of artwork,
  • Public places with photography policies: this includes most sport stadiums, museums, amusement parks, some famous landmarks & historic locations.  


General Property Release Requirements

  • Photographer Name (must be the printed/typed name of the contributor)
  • Property Owner/Authorized Representative Name (printed/typed)
  • Property Owner/Authorized Representative Signature & Date
  • Property Owner/Authorized Representative Address
  • Witness Name (printed/typed)
  • Witness Signature
  • The release must be attached in the property release field.


Digital Signatures
Digital signatures that have been created using a touch sensitive device (Wacom tablet, iPhone, Android device) can be accepted.
 ** Certificate signatures, such as signatures created in Adobe Acrobat, cannot be accepted. 


As a contributor, it is your responsibility to do the research and determine if a property release signed by the owner is necessary.

As with model releases, the sole exception to the release requirement is when submitting editorial images that are newsworthy. Bigstock makes exceptions only for “newsworthy” images that are submitted for Editorial Use only. These images require special captioning and are labeled so customers know they cannot be used commercially.

* Content submitted as editorial simply to avoid our Model or Property Release requirement will not be approved for the Bigstock Editorial archive.


Uploading Releases

Model and Property releases do NOT have to be from Bigstock, but it is preferred. If the release is from another source, it is your responsibility to insure that the general verbiage and required signatures are included. You can download blank PDF versions of our Adult Model Release or Minor Model Release or Property Release right here or from the upper right corner of the Manage Releases area. 

* Scan and upload jpg versions of the releases to your account in the ‘Manage Releases’ section before you upload the images associated with them.

Be sure to give each release a distinctive title that indicates the full name of the model or location of the property to make it easier and more accurate when you go to link them to your images.

After you upload the images, link the releases to the appropriate images in your ‘Edit and Submit’ area.

You can (and should!) assign the same release to multiple images if that model or property appears in more than one image.

You can (and should!) link multiple releases to a single image if there is more than one person that is recognizable.

 If we still haven’t answered your specific question or concern, please send an email to

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