I am having problems uploading my images

I can't see the images I just uploaded through the FTP area
We automatically move your photos soon after you upload them. Please look for them in the 'Edit & Submit' area of your account.

My upload is complete but the images are still in the FTP area
This may be because our system is busy. Please be patient. If your photos have not moved after an hour, please contact us

I am having trouble uploading. What can I check?
 * Be sure your images are in one of our standard formats and have the correct file extension (JPG, AI or EPS).
 * Upload files smaller than 25MB. The maximum file size for each image is 25 MB - you might experience delays or incomplete uploads if you are uploading larger files.
 * Avoid unusual characters in your file names such as * or @. If you are using our FTP system, only upload files, not directories.
 * If your file names are a series of consecutive numbers, try renaming them.
 * If you get a 530 Invalid Login error this usually means you are using your profile name - you need to log into your FTP program using your email address on Bigstock. 

If you continue to experience problems during the upload process, please contact us.

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