I need information on Uploading via Browser or FTP

You have two choices on how to upload your images to Bigstock:

Upload via Browser
Upload up to 10 images using our simple form under this tab.  Click the 'Browse' button to select files from your computer. Our system should be able to auto-detect the type of file for each image or use the dropdown menu to select. Maximum file size for each image is 25 MB.

Upload via FTP
Upload image files only, no folders, in bulk to the Bigstock FTP server. Log into your FTP program using your email address on Bigstock, do not use your profile name.  The maximum file size for each image is 25 MB. You might experience delays or incomplete uploads if you are uploading larger files. You can access the FTP Log in your account to check upload status of images.

Click here to go to the Upload Images Page

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