Preparing Commercial Images for Submission: Digital post-production

For all photographs, please inspect them magnified to 100% of the file size (not simply 100% of your screen size) before uploading to Bigstock.  Our Image Review Team views your images this way and it will help you identify the following:

  • Check focus. Be sure that the main subject in your image is in sharp focus.
  • Remove any sensor dust, scratches (if scanned), or chromatic aberration (purple, red or cyan fringe around the edges of objects in your photo) with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop tools.
  • Check for and remove color noise and luminance noise.
  • DO NOT over-sharpen, over-use noise reduction software, or overuse simple filters when working on your images in post-production. This will cause artifacts and your image(s) will be declined.

Your image might benefit from a boost in color saturation or by adjusting the brightness or blacks – that type of post-production is okay! Just be sure that your adjustments are not exaggerated or cause artifacting in the image when viewed at 100% magnification.


Be sure that your image does not show any Trademarks & Copyrights

Images that you upload to Bigstock cannot contain logos, characters, advertisements, images or graphics that are copyrighted.


* You may only upload content for which you own the copyright

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