What is an Editorial image?

Certain images at Bigstock are designated for ‘Editorial Use Only’. These are intended for editorial purposes such as news reporting, criticism or commentary on the subject of the image, and parody.  Common examples of newsworthy editorial images are: a parade, a speech by a public figure, a crowd outside a high profile trial, a political demonstration, a celebrity sighting, and sports or entertainment events at which photography is allowed with proper credentials so that no model or property release will be obtained.  Basically anything you would see in the newspaper that isn't endorsing a product or service. The purpose of editorial imagery is to educate and inform and to document subject matter that has some kind of historical significance.  These images are usually not cleared for commercial use. Editorial images cannot be used for commercial, trade, promotional and advertising uses. For a detailed explanation, please read our Image Usage Agreement.


  • Only certain kinds of images are appropriate for Editorial Use.
  • A Contributor does not need to upload a model release for an Editorial Use image.
  • An Editorial Use Image should include a specific subject that could illustrate a news story or piece of commentary.
  • Without a proper caption/description, newsworthy editorial images will not be approved.
  • A studio shoot for which a Contributor lacks a model releases is not acceptable.
  • Images of non-newsworthy events will be declined if submitted for editorial use.  This will affect your contributor Approval Rating!
  • Aside from slight cropping, Editorial images should never be digitally altered. Elements should never be added or removed and the “message” of the image must not be changed.
  • Illustrations, either vector or jpg, cannot be submitted as Editorial content.


 * Editorial images must have the image description written in Dateline format. For more details on how to create a proper caption, please see the article 'Creating Editorial Captions' under 'Uploading & Submitting'.

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