How do I upload and assign a model or property release to my image?

Before you can assign a release to an image, it must be uploaded to the release manager found in your account under the Upload tab. 

* Be sure to scan and upload JPG versions of the releases to your account in the ‘Manage Releases’ section before you upload the images associated with them. Documents must be submitted in JPG format not PDF

Give each release a distinctive title that indicates the full name of the model or location of the property to make it easier and more accurate when you go to link them to your images.

Once the release is there and has been given a name, you can upload your image(s) and assign the appropriate release.  In the edit and submit area of your account, select the image and choose "edit selected image" or double-click the thumbnail.

After the title, description, keywords and categories have been completed, you will select the Model/Property Release tab.  Here you will choose the release that applies to the image by checking the appropriate box that represents the release.


  editsubmit1.png    editsubmit2.png


* You can (and should!) assign the same release to multiple images if that model or property appears in more than one image.
* You can (and should!) link multiple releases to a single image if there is more than one person that is recognizable.

You are now able to submit the image to the review queue and the release will be attached with it.

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    David Niles

    The Model/Property Release area is blank.

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