Where can I find details about the Download Stats for my images?

There are two places you can find download statistics for images in your portfolio for your - the 'Image Earnings' page and the 'Image Statistics' page. Both are located under the Commissions section in your account. 

Information located under 'Image Earnings' highlights your earnings. Details on the graph will show you a timeline and rate for each download. A list of each of these images and the precise time of each download is shown below the graph.

Information located under 'Image Statistics' highlights your images that have been downloaded. Details that you can track for each image that has been licensed include Total Views, Quantity Sold, Earnings, Days Online, Last Download Date, and more! You have the option to view the stats as a List or in a Graph and you set specific details of which stats you want to be shown on the graph.

* When viewing these pages, be sure to select the appropriate Date Range or set your own Custom Date Range to see the stats you need. You can export this information as a CSV file.

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