Who is the API for?

We created the API for any product or service that has a need for images, including:

  • Print on Demand services
  • Email Service Providers
  • Website Builders
  • Ad Creation Tools
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Content Marketing Services
  • App Developers
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    Dave Dean

    So for print-on-demand uses do we need to use the extended license for an image? I'm curious because your official partners you use as an example are offering Bigstock based products at a lower price than the cost of an extended license for the image (even if you bulk buy credits).

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    Hi Dave - Thanks for your question! There are two ways you can use our images for print-on-demand use.

    1) You can purchase extended licenses from us. You would select the images you want to use and pay for them up front. This would give you the right to resell those images in unlimited print templates without paying again. The Extended License requires 50 credits per image, per design. If you use the same image for two different pieces, it will require 2 Extended Licenses.
    Extended licenses are 50 credits each, meaning that they are roughly $99 USD a piece, but the price goes down to $49.50 when you buy a pack of 500 credits upfront.

    If you decided on this way, you'd have to select how many and which images you'd like to offer up front before adding them to your site.
    More information on extended licenses can be found here:

    2) Use the API and only pay when an image is used by an end customer. You would integrate the API and allow your users to search, preview, and purchase the images directly within your platform. This would be print-on-demand -- because you only pay for the image when your customer actually orders it for a printed product. We then charge you for each use.

    Print-ready images start at $4.99 per use, and the full API pricing is listed here:

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