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Below are some basic questions regarding VAT (Value Added Tax).  This tax is applied to all purchases made if you are in the EU (European Union). 

1. Why am I being asked for my VAT number?

We are asking you to provide your VAT so that VAT won’t be applied to your purchase if we have it in our records.

2.  How should I enter my VAT number?

We require the full VAT, which is the number preceded by a country code (or, in the case of Greece, EL).  As an example:

Invalid: 64372738291
Valid: GB64372738291

3. How much will I be charged?

VAT will be charged at the standard rate for your country if you do not provide a VAT number here:

VAT will not be charged for past purchases.

4. What should I do if I am tax-exempt?

If your VAT number is tax-exempt our system will automatically recognize this.

5.  Who has to supply a VAT number?

If you are a business in the European Union and purchase from Bigstock, you will be required to supply a VAT number.

6.  Where do I see Bigstock's VAT number?

If you pay for VAT, Bigstock's VAT number will appear in your receipt.

7.  I am entering the correct VAT number, but it comes back as invalid.  Where can I verify this.

You are welcome to verify your VAT number here:

 More Information

Additional information regarding VAT can be found using the links below: 

Wikipedia VAT Information

VAT Identification Numbers by Country

Please note information in those links is from Wikipedia and not prepared by Bigstock.

We encourage you to consult with your local tax authorities for questions specific to your own situation or one that may not be addressed here.

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