NEW INFORMATION: When W8 Tax Forms Expire

As you know, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement in the United States. Bigstock is obligated to collect the appropriate tax on contributor earnings.  

If you have been submitting to Bigstock and are not a resident or citizen of the United States, then you have been asked in the past to send us a completed IRS tax form to guarantee that we collect the correct tax at the appropriate rate.

Each tax form has an expiration date (3 years from submission) and we will need to receive updated forms.

The submission process is the same as before:

  1. Go to the tax center (
  2. Determine your tax group
  3. Submit the appropriate tax form

Although we cannot give tax advice, we have compiled this FAQ that may answer any question you have:



Why do I have to submit a form W-8 again?

Form W-8 expires after 3 years.


When do you need the form W-8?

As soon as possible, but definitely before you request your next payment.


What if the information on my form W-8 has not changed?

You will still need to file a new form W-8 if there is a notification on your home page, even if the information has not changed.


What if information that has been pre-filled on form W-8 is incorrect?

If this information is incorrect, you are able to change it on the new tax form you submit, however, you will need to submit a new Tax Profile first with the correct information. Once the Tax Profile is marked Approved, you will be notified and directed back to the Tax Center and submission process.  

Please note: We can only accept Common English or Basic Latin Alphabet. Please do not use special language characters (such as umlauts) or a non-English alphabet (such as Cyrillic)


What if I don't send a new form W-8 before I request my next payment?

You may be charged a 30% withholding tax rate on all downloads by customers from the USA. Any amount that is taken from your payment for tax purposes will not be refunded.


What is my current tax rate?

This list shows the tax rates per country:

If your country is not on the list, a 30% withholding will apply to your US source earnings.


Where/how do I submit the form W-8?

The process and form is exactly the same as it was the first time you submitted it.

Go to our tax center to determine which group applies to you, click the link to the appropriate form to fill out and submit.


What if I need to change my status from individual to business, or, business to individual on the form?

Send us an email at and we will send instructions.


How do I know if my form W-8 was approved or not?

Due to the high quantity of submitted forms, it may take a few weeks to review the form. When the form is approved you will receive an email confirmation and the notification on the Bigstock Tax Center page will be highlighted in green and will say Approved.


What if I live in more than one country?

Contact us at We will review each request on a case-by-case basis and will request you to send us proof or permanent residence in the country that is listed on your form W-8.


What if I still have questions?

Bigstock cannot give tax and/or legal advice. If you still have questions about taxes after reviewing the information in the Tax Center, please contact your legal and/or tax advisor.

If you have questions about the information in your Bigstock account, send us an email at

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