Standard ‘RETURN TO USER’ REASONS Explained

We have revised the look and content of the reasons you see when images submitted to Bigstock are 'Returned To User' and sent back to your 'Edit & Submit area' for corrections.
We hope these explanations will clarify our decision, help you create better content, and improve your workflow.


Commercial Images: Metadata Issues

    DESCRIPTION ISSUE: Descriptions must be relevant and accurate and describe only what is in this image. Descriptions must contain at least seven words and be in the form of a complete sentence.
    KEYWORD ISSUE: There must be at least 7 Keywords that are relevant and accurately describe what is in this image and must be submitted in the English language with Western keyboard characters. Please correct and re-submit. * The word 'vector' should only be added in the description and Keyword list for true EPS files.
    IN-APPROPRIATE KEYWORDS: The keywords ‘sexy’, ‘sexual’, or ‘sensual’ CANNOT be associated with images keyworded with any of the following: teen, teenager, child, children, childhood, childish, kid, etc. Please correct before re-submitting this image for review.
    WRONG PHOTO CATEGORIES: The categories selected do not accurately reflect the subject of this image. Select only THE MOST appropriate categories if more than one applies.
    WRONG ILLUSTRATION CATEGORIES: The categories selected do not accurately reflect the type of illustration. Always select the ‘Art-Illustration’ category when submitting illustrations. *When submitting vector/EPS files, be sure to select Vectors as a sub-category.

Editorial Images: Metadata Issues

    MUST SUBMIT AS EDITORIAL: This image cannot be licensed for commercial use. Please re-submit as editorial by checking the ‘Editorial Use’ box and provide a proper dateline caption in the description field before submitting for review. Additional information on Bigstock’s Editorial Guidelines can be found here: All About Editorial Use Images
    MISSING PROPER EDITORIAL CAPTION: Editorial Images must include a proper editorial caption in a dateline format in the Description Area that describes the event and Who, What, When, Where. Visit our Help Center for information on how to create an acceptable caption: Creating Editorial Captions
    MISSING EDITORIAL DESIGNATION: Editorial images must be designated as Editorial by clicking the Editorial Usage box on the Info tab in the Edit & Submit area.

Release Issue

    REQUIRES PROPERTY RELEASE: Commercial images taken on private property require a property release signed by the owner. If there is artwork or clearly visible tattoos, you must submit a property release stating that you are the legal copyright owner of the artwork. For details, see More about model and property releases and how to upload them
    REQUIRES MODEL RELEASE: Every recognizable person in this image must have a signed release uploaded and linked accordingly.  More about model and property releases and how to upload them
    MISSING MODEL RELEASE DATA: Each release must contain printed names, signatures, and contact information for the Model, the Parent/Guardian (if applicable), and name and signature of the Witness. Please upload complete release(s) to the Release Section of your account before re-submitting this image for review.
    REFERENCE IMAGE NEEDED:  This illustration requires a reference image to be uploaded and linked for the elements used. Additional information can be found here or by contacting Bigstock Support: What Is A Reference Image
    CREDENTIALS NEEDED:  This image requires proof of credentials to be uploaded and linked before it can be reviewed.  Additional information can be found here: CREDENTIALS-New Guideline for Submitting Editorial Content

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