What Are The Character Limits for metadata?

There are three areas in the 'Edit & Submit' dialog box allow a maximum of characters to be entered as metadata.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: When entering the description for your image or illustration, please be aware that there is a 240 character limit restriction, which includes spaces and punctuation marks. This should be more than enough room to describe what is in the image, whether it is for commercial use or editorial use. (Note:Editorial images require a caption written in the Dateline Format. Please see our article for Creating Editorial Captions here .

KEYWORDS: For each image, there must be no less than 7 and no more than 50 unique keywords that describe only what appears in the image or the main concept.

REVIEWER NOTE: We also now have an area for you to write a Note to the Reviewer. This optional field has a separate tab in the ‘Edit & Submit’ dialog box which can be used to pass along useful information in regards to the specific image, release, or credential attached. There is a 100 character limit in this area.

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