Below is the email sent to active contributors on May 9, 2016:
We will be updating the tools we use to review images you submit to Bigstock. These new tools will offer you clearer feedback, and allow us to review your submissions more efficiently.

As a result of this change, we will no longer be able to return images to you via the “Return to User” function. Images that don't have the necessary metadata, releases or credentials will need to be uploaded again along with the required metadata or supporting documents. Submissions that don't meet the standards for metadata, releases, or credentials can’t be published. In order to have your images reviewed, you will have to upload and submit them again.

A second change that will be implemented is the site will no longer accept PDF files for releases, credentials or reference images. PDF files that are already saved to your account will be rejected during the review process when added to new submissions. You will need to re-upload all existing PDF files as JPG format.

Five Tips to Succeed in the New Review System

1. Focus on excellent metadata. Provide precise descriptions, r keywords, and appropriate categories. This will ensure your images are presented to the customers who search for them. For more details about our metadata standards, see our Guidelines for Submitting Content.

2. Identify your editorial content. Ensure you select the Editorial Usage box when submitting editorial images. Provide a proper editorial caption in dateline format (location & date of image) in the description. Want to know more about editorial submissions? Check out All About Editorial Use Images on our Support Center.

3. Select the proper category for illustrations. When submitting jpg illustrations, 3D images, and vectors, always choose the Art-Illustration category. Your submission will not be reviewed or published without this category. Additionally, if you used a reference image to create your JPG or vector illustration, it must be uploaded in the "Manage Releases" area of your account.

4. Provide a release whenever necessary. Any image that depicts an identifiable person and shows definable features such as their face, even part of their face, a scar, or tattoo, must have an Adult or Minor model release attached. Photos taken on private property should be submitted with a property release signed by the owner. Ensure that the release is complete, and in JPG format. For more information, visit the Model and Property Releases section of our Support Center.

5. Remember to upload your credentials. Upload documents which show you are authorized to photograph an event in the “Manage Releases” area of your account. Choose “Credential” from the file type dropdown. Not sure if credentials are required? See our Credentials Guidelines for details.

Thank you for continuing to be an active part of the Bigstock community. By updating our systems and processes, we will continue to improve the service for you and for our customers. For more information about how to ensure your content is approved, check out specific articles here in our Support Center, or reach out to us at

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