What image sizes can I download with my Bigstock subscription?
How big are Bigstock images? Can I resize them?
Can I re-download the same image without getting charged again?
Some vector illustrations contain sample text will it be in the vector I download?
Can I open a vector in Photoshop?
Can I open vectors in CorelDRAW?
Can I search within a particular portfolio?
How do I find the perfect image?

What image sizes can I download with my Bigstock subscription?
With your subscription, you can download images of any available size. This includes small, medium, large and x-large JPG files as well as vector files in AI or EPS format. 
The Extended License is not available with your subscription as subscriptions only cover images under the Standard Content Usage Agreement. The cost of our extended license is 50 credits per image per product and you can find the cost of our credits on the Credit Pack page.

How big are Bigstock images? Can I resize them?
Depending on the image and how it was created, we offer content in JPG format as well as vector illustrations in AI and EPS format. Each image detail page will tell you what is available, the dimensions in pixels or inches, and whether it's best sized for print or web. S
izing is as follows:

  • Small - up to 1000px on the largest side

  • Medium - up to 2400px on the largest side

  • Large - up to 3800px on the largest side

  • Extra Large - the largest size available.

  • Vectors - scaleable to any size using vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

All Bigstock images can be resized using common image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (for vector illustrations). When in doubt, the largest size will offer you the most flexibility. JPG files can be reduced, but will lose quality will be compromised if made larger. Vectors can be made larger or smaller without loss of quality.

Can I re-download the same image without getting charged again?
You can re-download images you've purchased for free and there is no time limit! Please refer to your
My Downloads and click "re-download" to start your download.

In addition to this feature, we highly recommend you back-up all your downloaded images on your own device. There may be times when a contributor has decided to remove an image from their portfolio, and in those cases, the image will no longer be available for re-download.

Some vector illustrations contain sample text will it be in the vector I download?
If the preview displays "Sample text" or "Your text here", it will be on your vector image download, however, this can be easily removed in vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator. Please note that if you download the JPG version of a vector image that contains sample text, it may not be as easy to remove, since the image will not have layers.

Can I open a vector in Photoshop?
A vector can usually be opened in Photoshop, however, it will no longer be a vector. We do not recommend opening a vector in Photoshop as it will become a raster file. This means that the editing options that you have available to you when using a vector in  Adobe Illustrator will not be available in the raster version of the file. If the image has sample text, you will not be able to remove it easily or maybe not at all. If there are various elements on the vector that you want to extract, you would have to use the Photoshop methods of extracting the elements. 
In some cases you may not want to edit the vector and simply use the file itself in your document or on your website, and this is a good solution for that usage. To review instructions on how to open a vector in Photoshop, please refer to the article below. The article is from the graphic design site, Pixel77, and they have granted permission for us to link to them.

Can I open vectors in CorelDRAW?
Adobe Illustrator is the software of choice for most artists creating vectors. Unfortunately, not everyone has Illustrator, which can create a problem when trying to open a vector in a program, such as CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW may not be compatible with all vector files. One tip to try is opening CorelDRAW and "import" the image rather than open it, using the import option in CorelDRAW. This may work some of the time, but not all. If the vector is in an .ai format, you can open using Adobe Reader and convert it to a PDF, which should then allow the image to open in CorelDRAW as an editable file. Please note, this does not work with .eps files, as Reader cannot convert those. At Bigstock, we guarantee that an image will open and function in Illustrator, but if you are using CorelDRAW, we cannot offer the same guarantee.

Can I search within a particular portfolio?
You can search within a contributor's portfolio by clicking on their contributor name beneath the images title. You can also enter their contributor name in the Contributor box after clicking Filter Results  When you do that, you will see something like this in the search field:


To search within the portfolio, you would add your terms in front of the word contributor, in the search box, such as:

lizard contributor:theirname

This will then bring up any images they may have that match your search terms.

How do I find the perfect image?
Following the steps below can help make your searches very effective.

1. Enter Basic Keywords
2. Exclude Keywords
3. Select The Format
4. Sort the Results

1. Enter Basic Keywords
Let’s say you want to find an image of a dog. But not just any 
dog. You want an adorable dog. To begin, you can enter the basic keywords dog and adorable in the main search box. You don’t want to add too many keywords. Entering too many keywords can be limiting, and you’ll end up with too few results.

2. Exclude Keywords
After your first search, you will notice that you now have a lot of photos of adorable dogs; however, some cats have managed to sneak in there too. To filter the cats out, we can use the Filter Results option to the right of the search box to bring up the
Exclude a keyword option.

Simply type the word cat in the Exclude a Keyword field, and press  the blue button. You have now filtered away the felines.

Please Note: The Exclude a keyword field can take more than one term. You can remove other unwanted subjects (children, for instance) from your adorable dog images by adding words like childrenboygirl, and baby, just to be safe. And, after clicking on the blue button again, you will be left with only your adorable dogs. No cats, no kids. You can go on to add any term you do not want included.

3. Select The Format

If you want a specific type of image, an illustration instead of a photo for instance, you can use our Image Type options (also beneath the search box after clicking Filter Results). Just check the type of image you want – photos, vectors or illustrations – and the search will exclude the others.

4. Sort the Results

By default, results are returned showing you the most popular images in your search. The order can be changed to show images that may be more relevant to your keywords. You can also choose to view the newest images in the category. To switch sort order, click the Most Popular drop down box from directly above the search results. Remember, you can refine your search even further. Select whether you would like the images to be only horizontal or vertical using the Orientation option. You can even use the SafeSearch On Dropdown box to include or exclude material that may not be appropriate for all ages. You can also use the Number of People option to narrow down how many people you would like in the file.

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