Video Footage Clips

Which license is included with video?
All video clips licensed from Bigstock include the Standard Content Usage Agreement.

Can I use credits to purchase video clips?
At this time, video is only available with a video subscription plan.

Can I have an image and a video subscription at the same time?
Yes!  You can sign up for both types of plans separately.

What is SD and HD?
SD = Standard Definition
HD = High Definition

The difference between the two is the number of pixels per square inch. HD images can show much finer detail than SD images.

Can I edit alpha channels in Final Cut Pro X?
In order to edit alpha channels in FCPX, please follow the steps below:

1. Cut the luminance matte off the tail end of the clip (the black and white outline).
2. Drop the second half into the layer above the first half. They should be the exact same length.
3. Go to effects/keying and select Luma Keyer. Drop it onto the luma matte (black and white outline).
4. If the desired effect is not achieved, go the effects panel and check the "Invert" dialog box.

At this time Bigstock does not provide video editing support. However, we are offering this information as a courtesy. If you have any further post productions inquiries, we recommend contacting your software provider.

Am I allowed to use your footage for a commercial purpose?
Yes! You're permitted by our Standard Content Usage Agreement to use our footage commercially as long as you are adding substantial value to the footage. The term “substantial value” means you modify or add to the footage in a way that makes it uniquely yours. Simply by editing it into a larger video project or adding a title, you add substantial value to it. Provided that our videos make up less than 50% of the overall production, you may use it for your video design. This is an important concept because we do not permit users to re-sell or re-use our footage “as-is.”
Why won't the video play in QuickTime?
We recommend checking your QuickTime player as it may need to be updated in order to decode the video files. We can also suggest downloading VLC, as this program will open all video files.
VLC can be downloaded here:

At this time Bigstock does not provide video tech support. However, we are offering this information as a courtesy. If you have any further technical inquiries, we recommend contacting your software provider or technical support service.
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