Why is there a notification in my account that I should submit a new tax form?

Bigstock is required to maintain up-to-date contributor tax forms. Also, a valid tax form on file is required to receive any payments from Bigstock. If you see in your account that you need to submit a new tax form to Bigstock, this could be for a number of different reasons: 

  • If you enter an international address change in your Account Settings, Bigstock will automatically prompt you that a new form is required.

  • Since W-8 BEN tax forms are valid for 3 years, if this tax form was accepted more than three years ago, we will inform you that a new form must be completed.

  • If you transfer your account from a business to a personal account or vice versa, or from one person to another, a new tax form will be required.

If you recently submitted a tax form and the notification appears on your dashboard, it may mean that your tax form was not approved. Please check your email inbox for additional instructions.

Please visit our Tax Center to submit an updated form. 

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