A 'Reference Image' is an image that you use as a "reference" to create your own JPEG or vector illustration.

You may use a reference image to create an illustration only if you own or control the copyright to that reference image.
Our guidelines for submitting illustrations, as with all work you submit to Bigstock, is simple:  You may only submit content to which you own or control the copyright. This includes any content that you use to create your image.
 * For example, you may not submit an illustration that you created by using an image you found online,  including on “free” image websites, which does not belong to you.

A reference image is required for the following types of illustrations:
 - Illustrations created from a sketch or hand drawn artwork
 - Illustrations created from photographs
 - Auto-traced (Live-traced) images
 - Silhouettes

We are requesting that contributors submit the reference image in JPG file format, not PDF, for the illustrations that you create. The reference image does not need to be attached to a property release, but it must be uploaded in the 'Manage Releases' area of your account under the type: "Reference Image".

You should upload your reference images for content BEFORE you plan to submit.

Where To Upload Reference Images
  • Go to Uploads, then 'Manage Releases'
  • Click 'Add new releases'
  • From the File Type drop down menu select 'Reference Image'.
  • Name of Entry: This title should identify the subject matter in your illustration
  • Then click the Browse button to select the file from your computer
  • Description: Here you can add information you might find useful.

After you upload the reference image, you will be able to link it to images before you submit for review.