Your Earnings - Basic Info

All the basic information regarding your earnings and payments.

Uploading & Submitting

Helpful articles and guidelines for Uploading and Submitting your content

IMPORTANT: New Bigstock Payout Schedule

Details about a new change we are making to the Payment Schedule

Model & Property Releases - Important Information

IMPORTANT: Requirements and guidelines regarding Model and Property Releases and how [...]

First Time Submissions & The Different Content Types We Accept

Helpful information for new contributors making their first submission including how [...]

Managing Your Content

How to manage the content that is in your online portfolio.

FAQ for Specific Content - Editorial Photos

Basic information about submitting Editorial content, including prepare images, [...]

IMPORTANT: Submission Guidelines - General

Important information every contributor needs to know before Submitting Content.

FAQ for Specific Content - Vectors & Illustrations

Specific information regarding submitting and the review of Vectors and [...]

General Questions About Content Review

Basic information regarding content review.

Basic Account Set Up & Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining your Bigstock account and keep it compliant with our [...]

Rejection Reasons Explained - All Content Types

Explanations for the specific reason your content might be declined for inclusion on [...]

API Information for Contributors

Details on how Bigstock works with API partner sites

Making Changes To The Status or Ownership Of Your Account

Information and instructions on how to make changes to the status of your account [...]

IMPORTANT: Before signing up, read these very important guidelines!

Important information every contributor needs to know before before Signing Up.

Legal Concerns

Answers to questions about the copyright/ownership and situations of the usage of [...]

Rejection Reasons Explained - Vectors & Illustrations

Explanations for the specific reason your content might be declined for inclusion on [...]

1042-S Frequently Asked Questions

If you sent us form W-8 and received a payment, you will receive form 1042-S from us.

Accessing Your Account

Instructions on what to do if you cannot access your account.

Earnings - Trouble Shooting Tips

Trouble shooting payment issues within your Bigstock account.

Metadata Requirements For All Content

Guidance on completing metadata and designations before you submit your content to [...]

1099 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about tax form 1099-MISC

Why is there a notification in my account that I should submit a new tax form?

Your tax form may be expired, or there may be another reason we need to collect a [...]

Logging In

Quick answers to Log In issues, including when you forget your password.

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