Payment & Taxes

Your Earnings - Basic Info

All the basic information regarding your earnings and payments.

Uploading & Submitting

Helpful articles and guidelines for Uploading and Submitting your content

IMPORTANT: New Bigstock Payout Schedule

Details about a new change we are making to the Payment Schedule

IMPORTANT: Submission Guidelines - General

Important information every contributor needs to know before Submitting Content.

IMPORTANT: Before signing up, read these very important guidelines!

Important information every contributor needs to know before before Signing Up.

1042-S Frequently Asked Questions

If you sent us form W-8 and received a payment, you will receive form 1042-S from us.

Earnings - Trouble Shooting Tips

Trouble shooting payment issues within your Bigstock account.

1099 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about tax form 1099-MISC

Why is there a notification in my account that I should submit a new tax form?

Your tax form may be expired, or there may be another reason we need to collect a [...]

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