I want to submit Public Domain imagery

We are no longer accepting public domain imagery or designs that incorporate public domain imagery. No commercial OR editorial use is permitted under any circumstance.

Public domain images are typically those images for which the copyright has expired. Generally, it is safe to say that any image (published or unpublished) created before 1892 or by a U.S. artist who died prior to 1942 is in the public domain in the United States. It is not however easy to determine if an image fits those criteria and is in fact in the public domain.  As copyright laws vary from country to country, determining the copyright status of images created outside of the United States is more complex.

Unfortunately, researching and verifying the copyright status of public domain images is not practical as part of the review process. On occasion, our policies have attempted to be more forgiving, but we can no longer accept public domain images.  For the foreseeable future we will be adhering to our existing guidelines, which prominently state that the "Contributor is the owner of all rights, including the copyrights, in and to the uploaded Images."

Terms of Service 
Section 7.  Contributor Warranties and Responsibilities

Thanks for your understanding and we sincerely apologize for any confusion.

* There are no plans to remove public domain images that are currently in the collection, but we reserve the right to do so as we perform routine reviews and quality assurance.

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