Credentials: New Guideline for Submitting Editorial Content

Credentials are proof that you have the authorization to take an image of an event. They are usually, but not always, in the form of written permission. Please note that credentials are different from other releases. Property releases indicate you were authorized to take a photograph on private property while model releases commonly show that you were authorized to take an image of an individual and use for commercial purposes. Credentials, on the other hand, show that you are authorized to shoot an event, which may both be taken on private property as well as feature individuals, for editorial use.

Images submitted for editorial use that have been taken at the events listed below require proof of credentials before they will be reviewed:

  • Sporting events (including those taken at non-collegiate schools or recreational, non-professional events)
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Theatrical performances (including those taken at school performances/theater)
  • Conventions
  • Openings
  • Ticketed events

Credentials Requirements

Images requiring credentials will only be accepted if the submission is accompanied with either of the following documents proving photographer credentials:

A clear, well-lit JPG image of an event badge (a generic sticker will not suffice) that indicates your authorization to shoot the event and includes the following information:

  1. the name of the event;
  2. the date of the event; and
  3. your name (if possible)

- OR -

Correspondence (e.g., email, letter) with an authorized representative of the venue, performer’s management, or other authorized representative of the event having the authority to grant you credentials to shoot the event, saved as a JPG, not PDF or PNG.  Such correspondence must include the following information:

  1. the name of the event;
  2. the date of the event (if not, then the date of the email);
  3. your name;
  4. the authorized representative’s name and company; and
  5. the email must be sent from the representative’s company email account.

Uploading Credentials

We have created a new tool for Contributors who submit images that require credentials. Contributors are now able to upload documents, as well as JPG images, of necessary credentials and link them to the appropriate images, much like you do with Model and Property Releases.

You can begin using this tool with the images that are in your 'Edit and Submit' area, images that are already live on the site, and images that you plan to submit in the future.

Where To Find The New Credentials Tool

  1. Go to Uploads, then 'Manage Releases'
  2. Click 'Add new releases'
  3. From the File Type drop down menu select 'Credentials' for both documents and images of press badges or vests.
  4. ** ( Please DO NOT select 'Reference Image' as this will not properly classify your documents as a credential)
  5. Name of Entry: This title should include the abbreviated name of the event and date. Example: ABCMusicFestBadge_2016
  6. Then click the Browse button to select the file from your computer
  7. Description: Here you can add information such as the location, contacts for the event, or anything else you might find useful. This information will not be seen by any other Bigstock user. Example: Images of live performances and bands at the ABC Music Fest in Big City, USA on May 1, 2016

After you upload the credentials, you will be able to link them to images before you submit for review. An additional area for uploaded credentials will appear under the Model/Property Release tab for each image.

Please note that we will evaluate credentials on a case by case basis. For more information on our required criteria or submitting credentials, please send an email to prior to submitting your images.

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    Tony Taylor Stock

    Wow, that is a lot of work in the hope that you will earn $0,25 for each download. I think it is time for me to stop uploading editorial images to Bigstockphoto.
    Sorry guy's, this only leaves room for professional photographers who will get passes for such events... their photo's will probably be a lot better than mine but I can't see them doing all this work for $0,25 a download!

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