Opening a Vector in Photoshop

A vector can usually be opened in Photoshop, however, it will no longer be a vector.  It will become a raster file instead.  This means that the editing options that you have using a vector in Illustrator will not be available in the raster version of the file.  If the image has sample text, you will not be able to remove it easily or maybe not at all.  If there are various elements on the vector that you want to extract, you would have to use the Photoshop methods of extracting the elements.

In some cases you may not want to edit the vector and simply use the file itself in your document or on your website, and this is a good solution for that usage. 

To review instructions on how to open a vector in Photoshop, please refer to the article below.  The article is from the graphic design site, Pixel77, and they have granted permission for us to link to them.

How to Open a Vector in Photoshop



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